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Exclusive Services

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Arts research, design and facilitation 

My expertise lies in guiding and facilitating the relationship between art and the public. I design workshops, coordinate projects and create impactful events that resonate with cultural significance. Through collaborations with organizations, language schools, and the public I bring visions to life, ensuring successful outcomes.

. Arts facilitation and workshop coordination 

. Events and cultural design 

. Online calls and meetings 

Language Meditation

I offer exclusive guidance that fosters enhanced language acquisition emphasizing the aesthetic experience as a means to integrate new language systems. With my approach "the Four Arts", I provide practices and insights to elevate the learning journey through expressive embodiment. I aim to empower both educators and learners, enabling them to cultivate confident and effective communication skills.

. Online calls + Create your own language manual/e-book 

. Chinese, English, and Italian classes

Embodied Yoga and Movement Meditation

Through the fusion of movement and breath, I facilitate a path of connection, expression, and self-discovery. Together, we explore the connection between body, mind, and spirit, fostering a harmonious heart-centred existence.

. Yoga and movement classes for events, retreats and festivals 

. Individual and group sessions 

. Ecstatic dance facilitation 

The Art of Roots (Breath-Sound Storytelling Therapy) 

I lead a practice of devotion, through a breath and sound meditation. Through an imaginative visualization, we balance the energy centres. By harnessing the power of crystal bowls, voice, and breathing techniques we embark on a journey in Theta brainwaves for a state of deep relaxation and surrendering. 


. Meditation ceremonies in exclusive locations 

. Altar design and sound healing 

. Individual and group sessions 


I-Ching Oracle 

Rooted in thousands of years of Chinese tradition, the I-Ching, or Book of Changes, offers profound insights into life’s complexities. I interpret the hexagrams formed through traditional methods, providing personalized guidance and perspective on your specific queries. Whether you're facing a challenging decision, seeking clarity on life events, or curious about future possibilities, my I-Ching readings can illuminate your path with age-old wisdom. Experience a unique blend of philosophical depth and practical advice, tailored to help you harmonize with life's ever-changing flow.


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