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Who Am I?

I am...​

Stop, stop right there:

I am and everything else collapses in the face of circumstances.

I am presence.

I am the biggest protest against cultural dictatorship and labels.

I am everything and I am nothing.

Everything that comes after I am is the result of the function I perform in a given context at a specific moment.

I am the essential and the multipotential.

I am movement.

I am the care I put into serving myself and others.

I am all that I grasp.

I am at the service of the collective consciousness therefore at most all

I am is a being who experiences, who learns.

I am the captain of my boat.

I am ​Master of Attention.

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There are much more important stories than the ones the newspapers tell us. They are the ones we can change: yours, mine, our mother's and the women before us; those of our ancestors and our family tree. The stories that count, those on the origin of the world already written in our DNA.

Thus the idea of ​​Destiny, as Soul's Code. A shaman in front of a fire is a memory I have had since I was a child, but who had told me that story? And who built the Stonehenge? And this sky, filled up with stars the more the lights of the city decrease, who decorated it?

The more we dare to ask ourselves this kind of questions with a sense of devotion to what we are not given to know, the more we abandon ourselves to this infinite line of creation of which we are a part of.

You deserve everything you dare to wish for, for yourself and for others. For those who don't believe it enough. How much suffering generated by self-sabotage; from cork lids handed down for generations.

But I tell you one thing: you who notice, thanks to the presence you can liberate.And while you free yourself, you free others.

The Mother's wound, generated by the Patriarchy, heals by taking care of the body in space; of people, signs, details; of the incense on the bedside table and a drop of sweat on the mat; of our whole body, and of our whole world. Because we are children of the same conscience that wants us to be unique and united, because we are loved without discrimination.

We think that suffering comes to take away from us, but instead it comes to remind us of the importance of taking care of our own history. To give attention to heal ancestral wounds. It is not death we must fear but life we ​​must learn to honor.

Inhale to Observe
Hold to Connect
Exhale to Expand

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