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Sound Meditation

A vibrational therapy in theta brainwaves for a deep state of relaxation, somatic release and energetic alignment.  Imaginative storytelling to harmonize your chakras to promote inner balance and holistic well-being. Through ancient techniques, unlock vitality, creating a symphony of nature within.  

Duration 60-90 min

Envision yourself enveloped in the ethereal resonance of sounds and tones creating a sacred symphony that guides you into a state of deep relaxation. As the resonance reverberates, picture the vibrant hues of your chakras aligning in a dance of energy. This immersive experience activates theta brainwaves, nurturing intuition, creativity, and a profound connection to your inner self. 


The activation of theta brainwaves becomes the key to unlocking the seed of consciousness within. Imagine this seed blossoming, radiating light and wisdom, as the gentle sounds and visual narratives intertwine. Join me on this transformative voyage, where crystal bowl, Kochi chimes, whispers and visual tales converge, nurturing a magic journey within. 


  • Stress Reduction: Sound healing with crystal bowls and theta brainwave activation contributes to profound relaxation, alleviating stress and tension.

  • Balanced Energy: Crystal bowl vibrations harmonize chakras, promoting balanced energy flow throughout the body.

  • Enhanced Creativity: Theta brainwave activation fosters increased creativity, sparking innovative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Improved Sleep and Emotional Well-being:** Sound healing aids in better sleep quality and emotional release, supporting overall mental well-being.

  • Deeper Intuition and Learning: Theta brainwave activation enhances intuition, while also improving learning and information retention for a more receptive mindset.

Bookings / Classes / Events


Upcoming Event 



Ecstatic Dance Venice

Vaporetto dell'Immaginario, Guidecca, Venice, IT


Weekly Classes (in presence) 


From 01.2024

Mondays : 8:30 - 9:30 pm
​​Saturdays: 3:30  - 4:30 pm

Location: White Rabbit Cannery, Venice, Italy.

Value: 15€ / session or 60 (5 lacces)

For individual or group sessions 

Online / Venice 

Value 50€ (1:1) / 15€ (group)

Whatsapp: +393484318001

Past events


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