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Welcome to this dream 

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The latent power of empty spaces. I stepped away from the theatre academy at 20 y.o., to embark on a quest for meaning. Chinese studies became my stage. But the longing for the empty ones lingered, igniting questions about art's purpose: Why one should be an artist create? 

Over time, the theatre's lessons revealed themselves: to embrace life fully, to engage with unwavering attention,  and to channel inner visions into shared experiences. This endeavour secured recognition with a regional fund for Cultural Innovation, paving the way for

I realised art's emancipatory role in human society by teaching in Chinese schools and joining a global research network, the Institute for Public Art.  Later on, a volunteer experience in India introduced me to Vipassana meditation and psychedelics, and that's how Yoga found me, awakening the Kundalini dancer, the Shakti, and eye witnessing the engineering of the vital force within.


This birthed Rong Place, an immersive practice lab on a white canvas room, designed to elevate creative consciousness through spatial explorations and expressive arts. While discovering Brazilian syncretic cults such as Santo Daime and Umbanda, I became a frequent guest at the Wakan Tanka Institute in Florianopolis. Plant medicines plunged me into the depths of my suffering, fostering trauma awareness. This led me to a profound understanding of the process of planting and growing the Seeds of consciousness. 

I distilled these revelations into the ATOM HEART HERON (AHH) toolkit – a fusion of Language, Sound and Movement that facilitates the creation of meanings, through the act of observation, connection and expansion of attention. Each expression becomes an act of devotion, each breath is a leap of faith into the Unknown. 
Thus, the AHH method was born, the conduit through which we master creative energy, materializing entire worlds with care.

Welcome to a world where creation thrives. 

Thank you for reading until the end and I look forward to meeting you in person to join one of my sessions. 

I wish you a lovely journey in this lifetime! 

With LOVE 


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