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Activation Practices for Creative Awareness

by Atom Heart Heron 

Quiet the mind
Open the heart.


Atom Heart Heron (AHH) is curated by Federica Buonsante, expressive arts facilitator, researcher writer, and yoga artist, who develops and transmits creative practices for conscious expansion. With a well-travelled background encompassing a decade across Europe, China, India and Brazil, Federica has committed to her Search for Roots by combining the Theory of Art with the practice of Presence. Federica's toolkit includes public art, yoga and Tai-chi, language teaching, movement meditation, plant medicine, and Vipassana. Her mission is to empower creative awareness, as a means to promote non-dual attention and enhance collective belonging. 

She is a Yoga Alliance-certified teacher and speaks five languages, including Mandarin. She is the founder of the public art project Rong Place ets (, an Immersive Practice Lab born in Puglia, dedicated to enhancing a sense of belonging and spatial awareness through participatory art therapy. 

Federica specialised in Chinese studies and holds a PhD in Public Art from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts (SAFA上海大学美术学院). Since 2016, she has worked with organisations, schools, communities and individuals worldwide to catalyse change and help hundreds of people unlock their creative potential. 

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The Organic Movement practice with Federica has been a beautiful way to reconnect with my body's innate intelligence, in connection with the nature around me. I notice an elevation in my consciousness, from being enmeshed with the people and voices around me (we were doing this in public) — what do they think of me, how do I look, etc. — to one of peace and sovereign creativity, where I felt free to move and express myself as I wished, elevating the space and giving permission to all to do the same. I very much enjoyed this practice and look forward to deepening on this path.

David Hu. (Canada)

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